Consorfrut Polska doing charity

On the occasion of upcoming Christmas, we have realised 3 charity actions in Consorfrut Polska:

As per the Management Board decision, the company donated 5000 PLN for the Children’s Hospice Foundation “Alma Spei”, whose mission is providing medical care for terminally ill children. The Foundation also collects funds aimed at providing support for the children’s parents and create for them as many opportunities to smile and enjoy the time they are together, as possible.

In response to the donation, the Foundation supplied us with beautiful, hand-made lacy stars, that were handed to our company employees.

We have also conducted a collection of funds and gifts to support another foundation: “Guards to Protect the Animals’ Rights”, whose goal is to secure respectful living conditions for animals staying at their place, in the form of veterinary care, appropriate animal food and shelter, but most of all to search for new homes for the inhabitants of the shelter.

Thanks to our employees’ commitment, we managed to collect high quality animal food (dry and wet), as well as blankets, beddings, toys, leashes and mattresses.

The employees of Consorfrut Polska have also contributed to the collection of goods for Poles living in Belarus, Lithuania, Moldavia and Ukraine. The action was organised by the Scientific Circle “Eurasia”, that acts at the Jagiellonian University in cooperation with the Association for Support to Poles Living on the East “Kresy”.

The action gathered a lot of attention; we collected long-lasting food, detergents, office supplies and books.

We’d like to thank everyone involved in these actions!