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The Photo Competition 2021

In 2021, we continued our tradition of photo competitions, addressed to company employees.

The topic was this time: “ Fruit and Vegetables in Nature”; our employees were encouraged to send photos showing various fruit and vegetables. Some of them were nicely arranged for the purpose of taking a photo, some were pictured as they grew in nature, while some photos showed children eating or picking fruits, or even playing with them. The human imagination proved to have no limit, indeed!

All the photos were placed on a dedicated on-line platform, where others had an opportunity to vote under the preferred picture; the winners (listed below) were selected by the number of received votes:

1st place: Marcin Michalski

2nd place: Katarzyna Drozd

3rd place: Iwona Kuś


All participants received a commemorative gift – a mug, decorated with their submitted photo.

The three winners were also awarded gift cards.


Congratulations to all the participants!